December 2011


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As I complete my annual list of things I accomplished this year and that I want to accomplish in 2012, it has hit me what is missing. I have DONE a lot as a writer, as a mother, as a wife, and just as a person. What is missing though, is actually living.

It is super easy to blame my kids. I cannot get out and “do” because I have too much to do at home. I have responsibilities. Deadlines. Laundry has to be done. Submissions need to be made. I have to help with homework. All that is on my plate is also on my priority list. They are not frivolous things that I can (or want to) eliminate.

My responsibilities are the “stuff” that makes families and life move forward. They are all investments into the long-term. But they are also very isolating. Housework, writing, child rearing… there is no immediate gratification, no camaraderie. The sense of accomplishment comes from results that are usually weeks, months, or even years down the road.

So the question becomes, how do I find those things that help me feel like I’m not just turning cranks, not just existing? How do I set up my life so I can experience it rather than just being a passenger on the train? And how do I do this without neglecting my family and my writing?

I am happy. I am blessed. But there is still part of me that yearns for not just contentment, but adventure. Newness.

That’s my challenge to myself in 2012. I want to live. I want to experience new things. I want to get out of my house, away from a computer, and “do” life. I want to meet new people. I want to appreciate God’s creation. I want to teach my kids that you do not have to settle for monotony.

… And then I want to write about it.

Year in Review: Top 10 Facebook moments of 2011

December 30, 2011
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Thanks to Facebook rolling out yet another profile change, I spent the better part of yesterday going through a year’s worth of status updates. In doing that, I remembered highlights that had somehow gotten lost in the shuffle. Here are my Top 10 LOL status updates from 2011: 10. “Mommy, MOMMY come fast! Emergency!” my 3-year-old […]

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Twas the Night Before Christmas–For Moms

December 23, 2011
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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land, All the mommies were hoping kids would sleep on demand. I tucked mine in bed with love and with care, Each one a reminder of the gray in my hair. The children were squirming like worms in their beds, With images of DSs filling their […]

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Key to Happiness

December 21, 2011
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Over the last few months I have discovered the key to a happy life as a wife, mother, and writer. It was not found in a box, in a book, in a building, or in the bank. It was not in a person, a place, or a thing. I did not have to buy it. […]

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Operation LeapPad: Fulfilled

December 14, 2011
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The week before Thanksgiving my husband and I took our kids to the store so they could make their Christmas wish list. They each created their lists and my youngest got his hands on the newest in the LeapFrog line: a LeapPad Explorer. I loved the product, and since there was a stack of about […]

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Hitting the pause button

December 6, 2011
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Life has gotten busy lately. Between homework, school programs, seasonal activities, my husband’s work, family obligations, and my writing… I have been just a touch overwhelmed. Rather than griping and moaning about how another Christmas passed me by, I decided to seize the opportunity and make a change. I hit the pause button. I have […]

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