August 2012


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Running 15 minutes behind as usual, Leslie was in no mood for distraction but the freak summer storm was not letting up. She could hardly see street signs through the rain.

At the next overpass, she pulled over to the shoulder and turned on her hazard lights. She texted her friend an apologetic postponement and surrendered to the storm.

When she tucked her phone into her purse, she noticed someone huddled under the bridge. His face was lowered over his bicycle. The spandex from his uniform hugged his muscular curves, and Leslie wondered how long she had been staring when he looked her direction and waved.

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Fiction Short: Falling Into Love

August 21, 2012
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After 15 minutes of floundering around like a giraffe on ice, I decided it was now or never. If I was going to tackle the hill, I had to do it before my nerve abandoned me. I sat on the bench and waited for the walkway to clear, and then I took off. My arms […]

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Introducing: FREE short fiction

August 20, 2012
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I have been debating a lot about what to do with this blog now that much of my nonfiction writing is going to bigger sites like Babble, Mamapedia, HuffPost and Dallas Morning News. Considering my heart is in fiction, I have decided to try something that I haven’t seen done before. I’m going to blog […]

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