June 2013


broken heart

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The last few days have been trying around the Richardson house. My daughter accidentally deleted a game from her iPad that hadn’t been backed up, my youngest spilled a strawberry smoothie on the carpet upstairs and then hid the oops for over  24 hours, and my middle child has grown bored with summer in general and has made some poor decisions. All of these frustrations have brought about a pretty amazing lesson opportunity: accidents happen.
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Friends with benefits

June 25, 2013

I see so many romantic comedies based on “friends with benefits” that they’ve become predictable. A girl and boy are friends, they find themselves lonely, they decide to hop into bed with no strings attached, and then one falls for the other one. It’s old hat. But in reality, there’s something to the plot line. […]

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Preschool Casanova

June 21, 2013

Sometimes my 5-year-old concerns me. Okay, honestly my youngest always concerns me. Between drawing on walls, faking tears at the drop of a hat, smiling during discipline, and having to constantly test his limits; I often wonder where his destiny lies. And then, he pulls a stunt like he did yesterday. Tweet

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Heartbeat of the Home

June 17, 2013

As the mother of three young kids, my family seems to live in a revolving state of chaos. This wekend the friction was higher than usual. I was frustrated with my kids for not cleaning their rooms after I asked them to, the kids were mad at me for taking away their TV time, my […]

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Love languages

June 14, 2013
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In 1995 author Gary Chapman wrote a book called The Five Love Languages. It took root first in Christian circles and then found its way across the religious walls. It has now become a profitable book empire with editions dedicated to military, kids, men, teens, and children. Unfortunately, I think the good-hearted books often do […]

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Marriage: Now with a money-back guarantee

June 11, 2013
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Last year I ordered one of those “90 days to a new body” workouts. My husband and I did the DVDs daily and we saw good results. The program itself was great, but I always had the money back guarantee in the back of mind. “If it doesn’t work, send it back for a full […]

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Sex vs romance

June 7, 2013
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As I write my first full-length romance novel, I have found myself exploring different author’s approaches to the genre. Some keep it middle school clean, but many have drawn the conclusion that sex and romance are one in the same. It’s a cultural problem, and it deserves being addressed. Tweet

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