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Meet the Roberson Ladies: Day #1

in Fiction Writing

Cover art by Anne Elliott

I have decided to do a quick rundown of the e-publication process as it develops. This will be my online countdown to publication of my first collection of short stories.

About the Book

Meet the Roberson Ladies is a collection of six short stories following four generations of ladies as they experience love, loss, and life together.

Story #1: Engagement Lasagna

This introduction story finds each of the Roberson ladies assisting with the preparation of one of the most prized traditions of their family: engagement lasagna. The senior family members take the next generation on a sensory journey to discover what it really takes to make a marriage last.

Story #2: Keep the Change

In Joyce’s story, readers learn more about the woman getting married as we flashback to her high school broken heart that ultimately took her on a personal journey to discover what she wanted from life. Her love story is a light-hearted and fun read.

Story #3: Musical Instrument Anniversary

In Sylvia’s story, readers begin to understand why Sylvia is a bit harsh with her daughters Cassie and Joyce. While her marriage may have grown stale, when her husband does show affection, he does it in a huge way.

Story #4: More than Fluff

In this tear-jerker of a romance, the reader discovers why widowed Aunt Margaret considers it a blessing to have loved and lost. This story will hit home for many women who have held the hand of a passing loved one.

Story #5: Coming Home

Cassie’s life is far from romantic. Her wild streak ended with a one night stand that lead to birth of her daughter. This is a story that all “black sheep” can relate to as she discovers that she has much more in common with the other Roberson women than they are willing to admit.

Story #6: Roberson Ranch

In the final story readers learn than Grandma Anne has been fiery since her youth. The matriarach seems to have all the answers as to what makes a marriage work, and in Roberson Ranch readers get to experience the beginnings of her love story and the origin of the engagement lasagna tradition.

These are my first romance pieces, and I hope my readers will find themselves in one of the characters and perhaps their friends in others.

Day #1: Pre-publication update

I have sent the documents and art to my converters. Now I wait for the files so I can upload them across the web. I am both excited and nervous about making some of my work available. I will keep the blog updated on progress. Until then, please help me spread the word about my upcoming publication. I will be offering some freebies to those who sign up for my mailing list. To get a jumpstart on the crowd, you can register on the side of the page where it says “Subscribe via Email.”

More updates coming soon! Please stand by…

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