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Put a pin in it: Whine and Wine

in Fiction Writing

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The bad news: The ladies of Whine and Wine are being shelved for awhile.

The good news: I have three agents interested in the project in about three years.

Of all the scenarios I had envisioned and read about, this is not one that had ever crossed my mind.

The feedback

I have received the same feedback from several agents that I trust. Whine and Wine is good and has good voice BUT I would do better to have some strict genre novels published first. Romance was repeatedly recommended. W&W doesn’t fall within the strict guidelines of any genre and, in today’s market, that’s a hard sell for a debut novelist.

At first, I was very frustrated. I’ve worked long and hard on this novel, and I hate to put it on the back burner. But then some strong realities hit me:

  • Whine and Wine has made me a better writer, and I can use that knowledge to move forward.
  • Whine and Wine is not dead. No one said it wasn’t good. The timing just isn’t right.
  • I would be very disappointed to put the ladies out there and them not sell. If the best bet is to wait on them, I will.

Moving Forward

So now I move forward. I have a few strong premises laid out and ready to attack. I’m hoping that this second novel will move considerably faster than the first since I know my own writing style better now. I know a lot of novelists can knock 2-3 out in a year, but with my little ones, I don’t think I’m there yet. I do believe this one will move a lot faster though.

If I learn as much with my next few novels as I did with my first, I will be all the stronger for it. The goal is to establish myself as a strong genre writer and then introduce my cross-genre novel.

I’m still trying to convince myself that this is not a setback, and I think the brainwashing in that direction is almost complete. I compare this to a gymnast. If a gymnast gave up because she didn’t make the team on the first attempt, our Olympics would not have the talent it does. I have to believe the same is true here. I have to take this in stride, put the ladies back on the shelf, and move to my next venture knowing that my characters will breathe their first breaths in the real world soon enough. This is not a knock on me or my writing; this is simply a matter of marketability and timing.

I can do this. ((Deep breath))

As always, thank you for joining me on this journey, and feel free to comment below or shoot me a message anytime.

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