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A change of plans (Part 1)

in Life Lessons

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I am a list person. I know what needs to be done on a given day to meet my self-imposed deadlines. And I generally get them done or wear myself out trying. And then sometimes, kinks get thrown in my plans and I have to learn to adjust.

I had about a 72 hour “kink” this weekend.

This weekend we went camping per my son’s request for his 4th birthday. We left early Friday morning to steal some extra family time. We arrived by lunch, set the camper up, erected a tarp to protect us from the drizzle, ate sandwiches, and headed out for a hike.

Kink #1: One child did not want to hike and he felt like the best way to communicate that was to cry and whine. Ten minutes into the hike, he and I are back to the camper for a timeout.

When the rest of the family came back from the hike, I had a fire started. We sat together, talked and played through the occasional drizzles.

Kink #2: By dinner time, I realized I had neglected to buy condiments so I headed to the store. My list had failed me.

Still… nothing major. Little things happen. No big deal.

Friday night, we are feeding the raccoons. There were at least four of the little rascals at one point. They are in front of us, beside us, and around behind us.

Kink #3: The raccoons scamper onto our table and steal our loaf of bread. Suddenly, we have no more sandwiches.

I decide I will be heading to the store again the next day, but for the night… I had a fire and my family, everything we okay.

As night fell and raccoons had been adequately chased, the kids head to bed and my husband and I sit around the fire. We discover that racoons love peanut butter crackers. Watching the weather, we see the clouds rolling in and decided to call it a night.

Kink #4: At daybreak, I crawl out of bed and step in water on the camper floor. I find an outdoor hatch that has been left open and seal it off. I dry out the camper.

Kink #5: I discover a cheese wrapper on the doorstep on the way back into the camper. I find it strange, but I move on. The rain is pouring.

Kink #6: After checking the weather report we see that the rain is here to stay. There will be no party at Tyler State Park. At 9:00 AM we have to find another location for a kid’s party for 30 people within two hours on a rainy Saturday. The phone calls begin.

Kink #7: As I leave to head to the front office of the Park to discuss covered options, I find more cheese wrappers and then realize that we forgot to put anything on top of our ice chest. The raccoons ate 1 pound of turkey, 1 pound of ham, 1 pound of bacon, a package of brats, a package of hot dogs, sliced cheese, shredded cheese, and a party tray.

I hope they barfed little raccoon barf everywhere.

Trust me the kinks only get better from here. Here’s a hint: what do you get when you cross a wet road, a truck full of people ready to get home, a camper full of five people’s junk, and a slick road?

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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