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A change of plans (part 2)

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As a continuation of Monday’s post, here are some additional kinks in my weekend.

Kink #8: There were indeed some covered options within the Park. Each had charges which we were completely willing to pay, none, however, were anywhere close to a restroom. So we opted to look for a restaurant in the area. To be more specific, we needed a kid-friendly restaurant that could host 30ish people for a preschooler’s party on a cold and rainy Saturday in approximately two hours. Not an easy task. We ended up at Chuck E Cheese.

The kids had a blast. Everyone showed up. It turned out great.

On the way back to the campsite, the weather proved to be taking a turn for the worse so we asked the kids if they were ready to pack up and go home for a family movie night. They agreed. An hour later, we were on the road in the rain carrying three carseats in the back seat and towing five people’s worth of junk in the camper.

Kink #9: I’ve heard the word hydroplane before, but I never really knew what it meant.

In the movie The Polar Express, there is a scene in which the train tracks have been covered by a frozen pond. The train loses traction and begins slipping and sliding like a snake on speed. When our truck and trailer hit an unexpected patch of water, we found ourselves in the same experience. Seeing the writing on the side of our trailer as it jackknives in the rearview mirror is never a calming experience. Seeing it then disappear and pull your truck with it, makes it even more frightening. We first faced head-on into the median wall between the two directions of interstate traffic, and then we whipped around to face the hills beyond the shoulder of the outside lane.

Cars all around us stopped and waited to see just how bad the accident was going to be. Would we be blessed and the camper would unexplicably disconnect? Would we land on our side? our hood? Just how bad was bad going to be?

And just how strong were those car “safety” seats?

But somehow, moments later, we found ourselves completely settled in our lane. Not a scratch. Though I am not a super spiritual person, I cannot deny that divine intervention saved us. There is not a shred of doubt in my mind. My amazing driver of a husband pulled over at the next exit and we both checked out every inch of the camper and the truck. Us getting out of that was nothing short of miracle.

Kink #10: But with every jack knife, a little junk must fall. And it did. Our cabinets were emptied, our clothes were everywhere. We even had a propane tank fly across the camper and land in a bed. The best though, was the microwave tray table that was on the opposite end of the camper while the microwave door was closed. We had turned so sharp that the microwave door had opened, the turntable had ejected, and then the door had closed again.

But nothing was broken.

I found myself holding my babies a little closer for a few days after that. (Then my 6 year old threw another screaming tantrum and the nostalgia passed, but it was good while it lasted.) I found myself rethinking the little things I fuss about and just being thankful that:

1. We made it out alive.

2. We lived a new adventure that is worth sharing.

3. Despite all the kinks, I was able to stay upbeat. It is kinda like the person with the broken bone that jumps right back onto the motorcycle. Call me stupid, but I’m ready to camp again… as long as my husband is driving.

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