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Confirmation of a new me

in Life Lessons, Parenting

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This week has been a challenge to say the least. My stress level is rising rapidly in anticipation of finishing off my rough draft and what the next phase of the process looks like. Then on Wednesday morning I awakened about midnight to the sound of a vomiting child. With my oldest celebrating her 8th birthday on Sunday and my husband leaving the country on Tuesday, we have a lot on our plates right now.

Just a year or two ago, this kind of stress would have sent me on an eating binge that is hard to describe. But this week, that stress was met with a deep breath, a long workout with my punching bag, and an action list.

The last year has taught me to really grasp onto the fact that there are some things I can control and some things I simply cannot do anything about. What I have to do is decipher which stressful item falls into each category.

For example:

  • I cannot stop my child from vomiting, and I cannot quarantine my husband from the germs. What I can do is clean, disinfect, and pray.
  • I cannot get rid of the fear of failure from finishing my book and taking the next step. What I can do is focus on having gotten this far and research what that next step looks like.
  • I cannot control my stress. What I can do is move that stress into something positive (like my punching bag) rather than something negative (like gorging on my pantry).
  • I cannot control rejection or the potential of it. What I can control is collecting the wins that are happening and using those to keep me moving forward.

This week has definitely taught me the degree to which I have been changed through positive thinking and overall health management. I must admit that I’m a little proud of the way I’m handling my current stress.

What about you? What positive changes have you made over the last year or so that are worth celebrating?

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