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Just like dad

in Life Lessons, Parenting

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My oldest son was given the assignment of drawing a picture and telling a story about what he wanted to be when he grows up. Most of his 1st grade male classmates held onto the hero themes like police officers and firefighters. I fully expected my son to say he wanted to be a ninja or a pirate, but he surprised both the teacher and myself when he said, “I want to be a dad just like my dad.”

What better compliment is there?

I must admit, I have a pretty amazing husband. We met in Kindergarten, started dating when I asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance our senior year in high school (and, no, I’ll never let him live that down). We got married between junior college and transferring to Texas A&M University. Having kids proved to be difficult and then, quite unexpectedly, we had three.

I look at so many single moms and I wonder how they do it. I’m truly in awe that they hold it together. Sure my husband travels, but even when he’s not physically here, his heart remains. He is that delicate balance between friend and father that can only be labeled as daddy.

I chose well.

In an age where so many women bash their husbands and so many kids disrespect their parents, I think it is important to reassure people that there truly are good men, husbands, and fathers out there. You can’t have mine, but there are others.

If you have an amazing daddy in your life, tell me about them. Let’s shed a little positive in a world of negative images about fathers.

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