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Memory Lane

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Yesterday morning my almost-4-year-old ran into our formal dining-turned-library while I was sitting on the couch sipping coffee. He was barefoot, but he did have clothes on which, honestly, is saying a lot for my streaker.

He is all about speed. He is faster than a speed car (aka Lightning McQueen), faster than a “speedy bullet,” and even faster than the fastest “jet pain ever.”

As he began showing his speed in various solo races, it struck me… I am down to my last 10 days with a 3-year-old kid.

When my oldest was this age, she was totally into Disney Princesses. She loved dressing up, but she has super sensitive skin and it was difficult to find dress-up dresses that she could stand. We usually ended up buying flower girl dresses from the resell shop. She went through tiaras and wings like you would not believe. Why? My fairy princess liked wearing those nice dresses, “glass” slippers, wings, and tiaras to dig for worms in the mud. Though adorable, no one can accuse my daughter of being dainty. (She came by the enjoyment of mud from me. The dresses… not so much.)

My middle child had already gotten hooked on video games by almost-4-years-old. It started with Leapster and then Dad brought in a Lego Star Wars game and life as we knew it was over. He could sit and play for hours on end. Video games taught him how to read though, so I can’t complain. He memorized key words and could map his way through 15 screens getting to where he wanted to go. Though not a sporty kid, he really is smart as whip. I have not yet run into anything he couldn’t learn as quick as I could teach him. Heck, the boy passes his time building electric circuits with his dad. He blows my mind.

And then there’s my youngest. My “baby” will be 4-years-old in 10 days. He is his own unique being. He wants my time not like neither of my other kids did. Puzzles, coloring, games, races, cuddling… anything. Just do something with him. He has tantrums from Hades, but I keep telling myself that if I can mold that stubborness in a positive direction, we will be onto something good. He has amazing leadership skills, we will just have to keep him on a tighter leash.

I do love my kids. I look forward to having a front row seat to seeing what God does in and through them. Though they drive me crazy sometimes (ok… a lot of the time), there is nothing better than having their little arms wrapped around me as they call me mom.

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