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Personal Independence Day

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Last night I started thinking about independence while learning personal information that made me feel rather enslaved. See, last week, I went in for an annual medical exam and came out needing blood work to test for everything from diabetes to thyroid to hormonal imbalances to cancer. Results started coming in yesterday and the idea of the necessity of yet another lifestyle overhaul had me pretty depressed. Until the true heart of the matter hit me… this isn’t about numbers and test results; this is about my personal journey of health.

Basically, after losing 140 pounds and reshaping my body, I have shut down my metabolism. My blood is totally lacking in some hormones and others are scarce. I have a stringent “kick start” program laid out, and I know how to attack this next era in the female aging process. My immediate thought was, “why me? I’m ONLY 35!” But then my inner competitor stepped up and I decided to take the proverbial bull by the horn and reclaim my life and my future… again.

The reality is that we are created to be amazingly powerful people. We have brains that help us create and think. Our bodies are capable of being trained and motivated. Our hearts allow us to love with a passion unknown by most other creatures. And we are given one shot at this life. We can play the victim every time an obstacle comes our way, or we can pick up the pieces and move on toward our destiny.

I have come too far to let this bump slow me down. I don’t have to have a certain number on the scale to be happy. I don’t have to be a super model (thank God!). I don’t have to be the richest woman or most famous author. I have a family that I love, friends that I cherish, and my career is finally taking shape. My husband deserves a happy wife, and my kids deserve a healthy mom.

And I deserve to look in the mirror and be content with all that I am and all that I’m becoming.

On this Independence Day, I am claiming my independence from the fear and the scale and the numbers in the blood work. I am reclaiming my life and my identity and choosing to move forward. I am choosing to make today the first day in the rest of my life.

What can you claim personal independence from today?

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