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The Power of Money

in Life Lessons

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My husband’s 2-year-old car was hit hard by the recent hail storms in Dallas. He was parked at DFW, so the smashed windshields and water damage was allowed to fester for a week prior to discovery. The repairs were estimated at $8500! When the insurance adjuster gave us the check on Sunday, he also gave us an estimate on how long it would take to fix the car– 30 working days.

We were suddenly hit with the realities of being a single vehicle family with three kids.

I spent Sunday afternoon looking at SUVs. We have considered a purchase like that before. We have a camper and a truck, but having an SUV would simply make longer rides easier for the kids.

I knew that if we were going to make such an investment, we wanted to be picky. I would prefer drive a vehicle into the ground rather than constantly buying new. We wanted one that would last.

I had it narrowed down to what I wanted, and then my husband and I sat down to talk about it. We knew that the SUV would become mine and he would take my truck as his commuter vehicle, but I love my truck. Realistically, I’d rather drive it than anything else on the market.

Then we started looking at simple replacements for the sedan he already has. We started talking about what else we could potentially do with the money we were considering putting into an SUV. Our practical side started showing through and we knew the decision was made. To me, what it comes down to is:

1. Just because you CAN afford something doesn’t mean you need to have it.

2. Money buys you options, but I would rather hold onto the potential of those options than to dish it out on a vehicle.

3. We have worked way too hard to get that money in the bank and we are not really “things” people. We like having nice toys when they provide long-term benefits (like mountain bicycles and campers), but we will happily settle for the minimum when it comes to the necessities of life.

There is power to money, and as much as I respect that power, I like keeping it in my account.

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