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Think romantical thoughts

in Life Lessons, Romance

One of my favorite quotes from Monster’s Inc is this scene:

My husband is out of town this week, and his absence usually makes me a bit more mushy. But the simplicity of this little solo seems to capture the essence of love and romance in my mind.

Googly Bear’s idea of romance is that it takes two people who enjoy being together. That’s it. And when you think about it, isn’t that all that love really is?

Marriages fall apart when people put something else or someone else between themselves and their spouse. It could be an affair, sure, but it could also be listening to your mom, best friend, or sister rather than communicating with your spouse. It could be making work, kids, money, or other relationships  a higher priority than your spouse.

The first step in making a romance really work is making it and keeping it a priority, but the second part is a little more complicated. Like Googly Bear did with his serenade, you also have to SHOW your partner that s/he is the priority. It’s easy to feel taken for granted when affection isn’t communicated in a meaningful way.

I can’t say that I’ve always been great at that. Sometimes I just run out of energy and don’t feel like putting in the effort to proving that my husband is the priority. When that happens, all I have to do is think back on why our marriage is important and why I love my husband and I am ready to toss a love note in his lunch box, make his favorite meal, or shoot him a flirtatious text. It comes back to the idea of Love Languages. Once you know how your spouse best receives love, it is easier to communicate it with them. The more frequently you authentically communicate your affection in the way that they best receive love, the more stable the relationship.

Sometimes it’s funny how a teeny portion of a kids’ movie can be so dead-on about a very adult life lesson.

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