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Preschool Casanova

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love note

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Sometimes my 5-year-old concerns me. Okay, honestly my youngest always concerns me. Between drawing on walls, faking tears at the drop of a hat, smiling during discipline, and having to constantly test his limits; I often wonder where his destiny lies. And then, he pulls a stunt like he did yesterday.

Don’t move the bean bag

An hour prior to the start of day camp, I told my youngest I needed to go wake up his brother. His response, “let me do it.” I said that I’d rather do it myself so he didn’t scream to which he replied, “okay, but don’t move the bean bag. I don’t want anyone to touch it.”

Fear washed over me as I immediately pictured the possibilities. What was on the carpet? Marker? Nail polish? Had he cut up a stuffed animal? I tried to prepare myself for the worst. Surely there wouldn’t be a bodily fluid left uncleaned. But then again, he is a boy. This is the same child that puts a towel on top of a large puddle of spilled milk and considers it cleaned.

I headed upstairs and found the red bean bag in the corner of the room. A suitcase, stack of stuffed animals, and a few cars sat on top of it like a statue of guilt. Carefully, I lifted the bag while holding my breath. I simply wasn’t prepared for what I found.

Love note 101

“i luv u mom” written in black crayon on a white sheet of paper brought me an early morning smile. My little Casanova knew I’d look, and he set me up. So, of course, I threw it right back at him.

After waking his brother, I headed back downstairs and found my 5-year-old giggling at the table. I asked him what he was laughing about and he said, “did you see it?”

“See what?” I asked.

“You really didn’t wook?”

“Look at what?” I asked while I packed his lunch. He looked completely defeated. “Oh man!” he snapped. I let him finish his bowl of cereal and then asked him to put on his shoes and socks. Halfway up the stairs, I called him back down, set him on the counter, wrapped his little hands in mine and said, “I love you too.”

The ear to ear smile melted my heart.

Your turn…

Have your kids ever given you a glimpse of their potentially-romantic side?

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