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Princess Miracle

in Parenting

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Imagine a curly-haired, freckle-dotted, petite girl wearing a fancy flower girl dress, knee-high mismatched socks, worn out tennis shoes, and fairy wings while climbing a tree. This is my daughter.

My oldest child, my princess was the answer to countless hours of prayer after several years of infertility and miscarriage. She was delivered 10 days early after a concerning emergency ultrasound showed her to be “at least 10 pounds” with 3D images that measured her arms and legs to be at the size of 45+ weeks maturity. She had a full head of hair and what appeared to be fully functioning lungs.

They were wrong.

My 9’2″ angel spent the first several days of life in the NICU because her lungs were not working, she was born without the sucking reflex, and she had acid reflux so bad that she would not regain her birth weight for 10 months.

At 2 months we spent a week at Children’s Medical with unexplained fever as they poked and prodded my “failure to thrive” miracle princess. I wondered then if God was already reclaiming the child I had begged Him for.

But she made it.

Her entire life has been filled with countless diagnoses and “problems” from ADHD, to dyslexia, to anxiety disorder, to countless UTIs, Sensory Integration problems, the list goes on and on and on…

But she is a fighter and a go-getter. She has the compassion to try and mend the broken wing of a butterfly, the heart to write cards for sick classmates, and an intense connection with others that allows her to read your heart. She knows my emotions before I have a grasp on them myself.

She is my miracle princess, and I could not imagine my life without her.

Nothing (other than being adorable) has ever come easy for her… but she has never quit. My thrice potty-trained daughter has a very strong will. Though she has understandably lost some self-esteem through her academic trials, she is still the bright, happy, charismatic child that she was when she was born. She can still command a room’s attention. She can still make a total stranger smile. And she still has a heart of gold.

And I wouldn’t have her any other way. I believe that the trials she has faced are all working together in some grand design. Though I do not know what her future holds, I do know that her desire to overcome tribulations are equipping her for something magnificent. A missionary? A doctor? A lowly writer with the passion to change lives?

Whatever her destiny is, I am looking forward to having front row seats.

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