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March in review: New venues and celebrations

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Wow what a month! I have been updating the Publications page of this site, but I wanted to give a real quick update on highlights for the month.

First, a reminder that I am still needing some ideas for my celebration. Please share the post and toss in some ideas for your chance to WIN!!

Now on to the new venues…

Huff Post

I am a new blogger for Huff Post Parents. Two posts are live so far with more being published weekly.

  • Consumer Addiction: A look at how our instant gratification mindset is rubbing off on our kids and what we can do about.
  • Formula Feeding: My personal journey through the judgement of failed breast feeding.

Chick Lit Club Connect

My story, We are not all size 2 blondes, went live this month as well. This is my personal journey through the world of women’s fiction. The owners of the site have extended me the invitation to write more.

Dallas Child

My Mommy Diary is the March feature for Dallas Child magazine both print and online.

My website

The top hit posts for the month were about my three kids.

Upcoming venues

I am currently working on articles both for Dallas Thrive magazine and I will let you know as I progress on these.

And finally, a thank you

I am very, very close to completing the first draft of my novel. I sincerely appreciate all the Likes and shares and comments. The number of followers on my author page has almost doubled this month! It is pretty amazing for me to flip on Facebook or Twitter and see that total strangers have shared my work. In today’s internet world, a “Like” from you goes further than anything I could do for myself. Thank you for helping me reach my goals.

Karen Hopson March 30, 2012 at 8:06 pm

Wow! You Go Jamie!

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