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A promise for New Orleans

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As I write, I am sitting at the DFW terminal awaiting my flight to the International Dyslexia Association National Conference in New Orleans. I’m filled with a strange combination of nerves and excitement. For the calming of my nerves I reflect on a Bible passage that I felt spoken to my heart over a month ago.

In Isaiah 48: 16-21, I read:

“This is what God says,
the God who builds a road right through the ocean,
who carves a path through pounding waves,
The God who summons horses and chariots and armies—
they lie down and then can’t get up;
they’re snuffed out like so many candles:
‘Forget about what’s happened;
don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it?
There it is! I’m making a road through the desert,
rivers in the badlands.
Wild animals will say ‘Thank you!’
—the coyotes and the buzzards—
Because I provided water in the desert,
rivers through the sun-baked earth,
Drinking water for the people I chose,
the people I made especially for myself,
a people custom-made to praise me.”

I’m cautious when it comes to taking verses out of context. This passage was spoken directly to Jacob. It’s God’s promise to him. But I also believe that God can bring believers to a verse for personal reflection. This is the case for me.

When I first heard that the IDA National Conference was offering one parent scholarship, I prayed about whether this was the right thing for me. Was it selfish? Selfish to leave my family for 5 days? Selfish to spend money on a flight, hotel, and food for a week? Selfish to attend in order to prep for more articles?

I was also nervous about my stomach. I’ve had problems for 5 years, and they are just steadily getting worse. A third specialist has me on a gluten-free diet, and that seems to be doing the trick. But learning a new diet while traveling isn’t easy.

As I prayed for direction, however, these verses kept coming back to me. He’s telling me to stop dwelling on my past. Stop looking at the things that have held me back. Focus on now. Focus on the health I have today.

After talking to my husband about it, we agreed that I’d apply, and if I was selected for the scholarship, it was a God-thing. Within a week of getting the congratulatory email, I was further attacked my medical issues. It started with severe anemia which led to more and more blood draws. Sonograms and various large machines then joined the mix. The doctor discovered there was an infection somewhere in my body, and that my organs aren’t all working like they should. I was scared.

But again these verses came back to mind. My job is not to worry, but to walk through the door that the Lord has opened. So here I am. Sitting at Terminal A at DFW, reading over God’s promise to me once again.

I’m not sure why the Lord has chosen this journey for me, but I’m trusting Him with it. I feel like He’s preparing me for something big… a book about dyslexia maybe. Only time will tell. He has taken me to so many unexpected places already. Why doubt this one?

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