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Bucket List for Kids

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My husband knocked a pretty big item off his Bucket List last weekend when he went cliff diving at Inks Lake State Park. I had the experience several years ago in Jamaica, so I held the camera while he jumped this time. The process started the conversation with our kids–what do you want to accomplish in your life?

Over the next week, we discussed their goals and ambitions. It is interesting to see what is “big” to kids. Here are their Bucket Lists:

My daughter (8 years old on April 1)

1. Grow her hair long enough that she can stand on it

2. Cliff dive

3. Do a cartwheel

4. Do a cartwheel under water

5. Swim under water for 100 million thousand seconds while singing a song

6. Read a whole entire chapter book without having to ask for help on even one single little word

7. Be happy


My son (6 years old)

1. Do a front flip under water

2. Do a back flip under water

3. Swim under water longer than his sister

4. Burp the entire “Happy Birthday” song

5. Build the biggest, tallest Lego thing in the whole entire universe. Then climb it.

6. Meet a dinosaur

7. Go camping


My youngest son (4 years old)

1. Step on his sister’s hair when it reaches all the way to the floor

2. Ride a train

3. Ride in Santa’s sleigh

4. Build a fire bigger than our whole house

5. Have his own TV so he can watch his own movies any time he wants to without anyone saying no–ever

6. “Live at camping”

7. Plant more gardens with lots more snails and worms


I think a lot of our individuality reveals itself through our dreams and ambitions. I know my Bucket List is full of secret desires that would probably catch a lot of people off guard. A book signing is an obvious one, but I also have a lot of travel wishes. I’ve knocked the tattoo off my list, but I’d also like to spar in a boxing ring.

What is on YOUR bucket list?

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