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Crafting a Christmas Connection

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Have you ever had an unexpected moment that brought a story to life for you? Hearing a tale is one thing, but experiencing it is something else entirely. Yesterday a simple craft in my son’s classroom made a huge connection with me.

Getting crafty

Last week I was asked if I was available to help with a craft that the first graders were doing as a Christmas gift for their parents. I scheduled a morning for it and obliged, not knowing quite what I was getting into. When I got there, the teacher explained that I would be painting the bottom of each kid’s bare foot and stamping it on a tile. This footprint would eventually be decorated into a Christmas tree.

My son went first. I had him sit, take off his sock and shoe, and then I took a wipe and cleaned his foot. I painted it through his giggles,  stamped it on the tile, and then scrubbed the paint off with another wipe.

As I was cleaning this 7-year-old foot, the Bible story of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples struck me.

My questions for God

I have an ongoing list of questions I want to ask God. I wonder, for example, how it felt to go crazy on the people that had turned  the church into a marketplace. Flipping over tables sounds like a exhilarating experience. I think I’d like to try that. And I wonder what went through His mind when His best friends failed Him at the Garden of Gethsemane. But I also want to ask Him why a little boy in my church growing up had to die. That still doesn’t make sense to me. Tragedies like that destroy a lot of lives. And now I wonder… were any of His disciple’s feet ticklish? Did walking around in those hard sandals desensitise them? I mean, of the 19 kids whose feet I washed, I’d say maybe–MAYBE– three didn’t jerk.

Then again I wonder if any of these questions will matter by the time I have the opportunity to ask them.

The connection point

Despite the giggles and laughter during my foot painting, there was definitely something meaningful about being on my knees in front of a 7-year-old kid with the glow of Christmas lighting up his eyes. As I washed each foot and talked to them about their Christmas plans, in that second, I was loving them more than some of them had felt from an adult in a very long time. I was connecting with them. I was listening to them. I was respecting them. In that brief moment, they had my full attention.

As I reflected on this experience last night, it made me wonder what other ways God is trying to connect with me, not only at Christmas, but year round. What other stories is He trying to bring alive for me that I’m too busy to see?

Have you had any moments of wonder like that; an ah-ha of the realities surrounding a scripture that you may have never have noticed before? Have you had a moment that rekindled your faith?

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