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Death of a coffee queen

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My morning routine is much like that of moms across the country: I turn off my iPhone’s alarm, curse the darkness, head to the kitchen, flip on my Keurig, start breakfast for my family, and then I pack lunches. Not anymore. My doctor has prescribed me a lifestyle change that is destined to be my biggest challenge to date: the elimination of coffee.

While I hear the collective gasp from all of you who know me personally, for the rest of you, let me explain. Coffee is central to my life. I drink coffee when I’m stressed, I go to the coffee shop to write a few times a week, I drink coffee when I’m tired, and I meet friends for coffee to socialize. Heck, I even collect Starbucks mugs from around the world. Coffee is a really REALLY big deal for me. I’m not sure if I’m addicted more to the flavor, the caffeine, or the positivity that I associate with it; but I know for certain that addiction is the best word for it.

Despite my love for those beautiful, shiny beans, coffee has become a huge problem for my IBS.

In the long run, I am confident that this change will be a good thing, but in the short term… look out world. The last time I was un-caffeinated was with my pregnancies. And even then I was really decaffeinated, not un-caffeinated.

Over the next few weeks, I will truly be challenging the power of prayer! I have one coffee substitute in hand, a few more samples being sent to me, and I’m stocked with tea. We shall see.

Prior to this, my biggest life change was massive weight loss. Although I was able to make that lifestyle overhaul, somehow I feel like this may be even harder.

What has been the biggest lifestyle change you have ever undergone? Any pointers?

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