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As the mother of three young kids, my family seems to live in a revolving state of chaos. This wekend the friction was higher than usual. I was frustrated with my kids for not cleaning their rooms after I asked them to, the kids were mad at me for taking away their TV time, my husband was prepping for an upcoming trip, and my home was boiling over like an erupting volcano of tension. Toss a few “I’m boreds” into the mix, and I was ready to pull my hair out.

I’ve learned that, for me, I have to find an outlet for my stress. I don’t want to yell, argue, or say something that I’ll regret. A little time alone goes a long way in calming my nerves.

On this particular morning, I headed to the shower to allow the steam and silence to work their soothing magic. As the hot water massaged the anxiety from my shoulders, I noticed how fast my heart was pounding.

The more I focused on the ferocious thumping; I realized that my heart’s rhythm reflected the current temperament of my home. When my heart is erratic, my family’s nerves follow suit. When my heart is at peace however, my household is calmer, I am the nurturer that my kids need, and I am the loving wife that my husband deserves.

That’s when it hit me: as the mother, I control the heartbeat of my home. It is me that sets the tone of victory or defeat, calm or tension, and submission or resistance. If I can control my own heart, my household is more able to follow suit.

After a few deep breaths, I sat my kids down, apologized, and then we talked it out. I explained the reason I needed them to clean their rooms and the consequence if they chose not to. An hour later, the house was clean and we were able to enjoy family time.

Since that day, I’ve been much more conscious about the rhythm of my heart. If I am too upset, I remove myself until I can calm my nerves. Some days that means a simple prayer, sometimes it means a good workout with my punching bag, and still others it means a hot shower. No matter the method, the goal is always the same: to calm the heartbeat of my home by soothing my own.

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