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Little things

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Yesterday while at Target I overheard a conversation between two men. One was a stay-at-home dad to his 7-year-old son. His friend thought that sounded like an easy gig until he learned that there was an unplanned baby on the way. Being a stay-at-home parent just got a whole lot harder.


Life’s little surprises

I couldn’t help but smile. I had an unplanned “bonus child” too. I went from infertile for years to getting pregnant on the pill. Please note, he was not a mistake… far from it… he has been an amazing addition to our family. But whenever I hear of someone else going through that initial shock, I can’t help but think back and smile.

Listening to the two men as we all looked at Christmas gift wrap made me think about those baby things. I miss the first sit ups, first roll overs, first step, first words. I kinda miss the little giggles and coos. Luckily I have friends that are getting knocked up so I can see all those “little” things, help the moms, and then go back to my own home where there is plenty of “little” things to keep me busy.

My own little things

Sometimes I feel like the orphanage worker on Annie as she squeaked out the song, “Everything around me is little.” This morning I stepped on a car, a dinosaur, and a Lego airplane before I reached the downstairs light. It’s not an over-abundance of junk because we keep the toys under control, but when you have little people running around, little things come with them.

This is the time of year that it is important for me to take a step back and try to remember some of the positive “little” things like the Christmas carols, the anticipation of the holidays, the joy, and the smiles. I need to worry less about the little things that clutter my floors and more about the little things that I am instilling in my kids’ hearts about family, love, and friendship.

The little things with 10 little toes and 10 ten fingers are way more important than the little things those ten little fingers drop all over my house.


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