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My journey to publication

in Fiction Writing, Random Musings

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In the first month of seeking publication for my debut novel, Whine and Wine, I have been blown away by the response. I’m submitting queries, synopses, chapters, and full manuscripts and just waiting for that magic spark between me and my publishing hero. My gut has me leaning very strongly in one direction, but I’m awaiting the good news of acceptance.

Between now and then, I am working on my second novel and publishing articles, blogs, and essays across the web. I am also attending my first writer’s conference in May where I will have the opportunity to meet some agents face-to-face and pitch my work. I’m incredibly excited!

I will continue to link to my publications here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. If you haven’t already connected with me in social media, please hop on over and “like” me. Having followers is a solid indicator of potential success for many agents and publishers.

My favorite part of the journey has been the connections I’ve made with strangers across the globe. I love getting emails from up-and-coming authors saying that they connected with my writing. I also love getting tweets and messages from established authors who liked something I wrote.

I appreciate you coming with me on this journey. My amazing web designer, Jason at Flying Donuts Media, has recently added a FAQ tab to my site, but if I’m missing something you are itching to know, please shoot me a message.

Until then, grab a cup of tea, check out some of my latest links, and share me with your friends. Word-of-mouth is the best advertising there is for a fresh voice.

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