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Mirror Image

in Random Musings

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“Hot latte for Jamie Richardson,” the barista said.

Without looking up from my book I stepped up to the counter, said my flippant “thanks” and wrapped my hand around the cup’s sleeve.

As I did, another hand grabbed mine.

I looked up to see a man standing a good 10 inches taller and 10 inches broader. He was eyeing my caffeine.

“It’s for Jamie Richardson,” the barista repeated.

The man and I said in unison, “that’s me.”

I laughed and asked, “your name is Jamie Richardson?” He said it was, and then he shook my hand.

“What are the odds?” he asked.

He asked if I lived around there and I said I did. He is new to the area. He just moved here from Ohio.

“This could be interesting,” he said. “A white chick and a black dude with the same name living in the same town.”

And then I did my normal Jamie-thing to do. Open mouth, insert foot.

“‘I’ve only known one other Jamie Richardson,” I said. “I have had some background checks run where the worker flinched when a long rap sheet of arrests came up. Of course when they look at the social security number they realize it is not me, but it always causes that initial freak-out. Must be several Jamie Richardsons.”

“And the picture,” he said. “Those reports usually have a picture.”

I laughed again and it hit me. Oh shoot.

“Surely they wouldn’t confuse you for a black man,” he said.

Then he laughed, took my latte, told me to have a nice day, and walked out.


Anne January 12, 2012 at 5:53 pm

That is both odd and interesting.

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