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The lost art of love letters

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I have been researching love letters from WWII for the novel that I’m writing. Reading some of letters has almost brought me to tears. There is just something about a handwritten love note that can make even this unemotional chick swoon.

Home Sweet Home

The love letter research has been essential for my current novel, Home Sweet Home. The storyline is that a single mom buys the family home owned by a handsome man whose grandmother has moved into a retirement home. Upon moving in, the daughter finds a chest full of old love letters that her mom becomes smitten with. Taking the cue, the man gets in touch with his romantic side and learns the art of writing a love letter to win the woman’s heart.

Love Without Technology

Modern love notes tend to by typed. Even flowers can be delivered via an online order where the card is typed and printed. Texting and emails are great, but they simply don’t replace the intimacy of a handwritten note in my opinion. Looking at the letters between romantic partners reminded me of the intimacy of the pen.

Think about those early “circle yes or no” classroom notes. One child had to find the nerve to write the question, pass it across the room while the teacher wasn’t looking, and then have it be handled by snot-nosed friends all the way back before they could read it. The anticipation was a killer. That waiting period added to the intimacy exchange. Now we are so instant with our flirting that we don’t think about what we are saying.

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

Honestly, a love letter doesn’t have to be a poetically magical thing. It can simply be a handwritten note of appreciation. Put a sticky note in your significant other’s vehicle, send a postcard while traveling, handwrite a note on a card, use lipstick on a bathroom mirror, or use soap on the shower door. The opportunities are endless.

Stash it

I still have a stash of love notes that my husband sent me while we were dating. Though we’ve since moved more to the technologically advanced forms of flirting, after re-reading some of our own letters and researching for the book, I am going to go out of my way to get back to pen and paper.

Do you think there is a difference between pen and printer?

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