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The power of a name

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Last week I had the privilege of speaking to a group of women at a mother-daughter banquet. There was a variety of ages from school kids to great-grandmothers. As I shared my story and tried to encourage them in finding and living out their own destiny, it hit me just how powerful individuality is.

The concept of individuality and destiny rolled right over to my family’s Mother’s Day celebration this weekend, and it hit me that when a woman has a kid, she naturally loses her name and gains a title.

My kids don’t call me Jamie, they call me Mom. My husband and I even call each other “Mom” and “Dad” so our kids know who were are talking to.

Honestly, while I consider the motherhood role to be a privilege, sometimes I struggle with losing the other parts of who I am.

While I am a mother, I am also a woman, a wife, a writer, an editor, a fighter, an advocate, a friend, a helper, a neighbor, a daughter, a volunteer, a giver, a worker, a driver, a bicyclist, and (admittedly) a bit of a redneck. I am the only Jamie Anne Melton-Richardson, and I was designed to be much more than “just” any one thing… including a mother.

There is power in a name.

I believe that it is of the upmost importance for my kids to see that I am a human with a name more than I am a title. Motherhood is not the end of one person and the beginning of another; motherhood is simply another badge on the vest of womanhood. It is another ornament on her tree. It is a piece of her puzzle.

I have a friend who is a prime example of this. She is a mother, a wife, and… as of Mother’s Day morning… a triathelete. She has trained and worked for months to achieve this HUGE dream. The woman who crossed that finish line was an individual, not a title. And that person is worth celebrating.

Being a mom is a great honor, but there is power in a name that encompasses more than just a title. When we become “just” a mom and forget the rest of who we are, we lose the person we were designed to be.


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