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The smell of success (and what happens next)

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I did it.

On Monday I put a period on the last sentence on the last page of my first manuscript.

I’ve had several friends ask me how I feel about it. My husband (my biggest encourager through the process) is thrilled. He has always said this is something I needed to do, and I always felt like I would, but I am thrilled beyond measure that it happened by the time I was 35.

For me, there is relief. I know now that I can take a single idea, create an outline, expand the outline, create characters, and write an entire manuscript. I know that I can, and I know that I will do it again. But there is also something bitter sweet about having it done and yet not being able to ship it off to a potential agent. Wisdom and research says I need to sit on it awhile (experts advise a full year) so I can edit it. So although it isn’t “done” it is “finished.”

To help pass those long 12 months, I have already started my second novel. Unlike Wine and Whine which is women’s fiction, this second one is a romance. (A clean one, Mom, no worries.) I have already written the first chapter and a synopsis. What can I say, I’m not real good at sitting and waiting.

I did take time to smell the sweet aroma of a completed manuscript, but since I see writing as a career and not just a hobby, I knew I had to keep up the momentum.

Thank you for all the congratulatory emails and Facebook posts sent my way. I appreciate knowing that others are excited for the BIG step forward.

Alicia April 27, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Congrats, Jamie!

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