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Trick-or-treat and a barfing Yoda

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Ahhh… the memories of Halloweens past. The homemade robot costume from my childhood. The haystacks, open tombs, and ghosts that my father proudly displayed in our front yard. Scaring neighborhood children one year, and hosing them another. What great childhood recollections.

But none topped my Halloween two years ago.

Yoda Costume

This is a stock photo of the costume from

My three kids seem to theme their trick-or-treating. Last year they were all ninjas. This year they are pirates. Two years ago, they were all Star Wars characters. My daughter was Princess Leia, my oldest son was a Storm Trooper, and the toddler was Yoda.

The complaints started mid-afternoon when my daughter said her tummy had “flutter flies,” and I presumed the school had sent her into sugar overload. That combined with the pressure of knocking on strangers’ doors and asking for candy could make the day a challenge for any kid.

We proceeded with the costuming after dinner. It was 6:30 when we put the cute little Yoda hat atop my toddler’s head and Velcroed the strap beneath his chin. The proud parents grabbed their cameras and took a couple of shots, handed the kids their goody bags, and headed for the door. Three steps before the threshold, Yoda’s cloak became very very green with a split-pea colored eruption from my toddler’s mouth.

After cleaning the first round, the second and third quickly followed. My husband decided to trick-or-treat with the older two while I nursed the youngest over the porcelain throne.

Twenty minutes later, the crew was back, and a mini-Snickers later, Princess Leia claimed the throne for herself.

I have never seen Star Wars in quite the same light again. That bug gave a whole new meaning to “the Force” as it hit every single member of my family over the next five days.

Happy Halloween, everyone. I lift my coffee mug and salute your Dark Side adventures and hope they stay barf-free.

Lyssa October 31, 2011 at 6:27 pm

That just makes me laugh. Very fortunate to this point we haven’t suffered the same fate. Arrr Matey.

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