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What’s on your mix tape?

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This may be revealing my age a bit, but mix tapes used to be “the thing” that defined where you were in life. Boys made mix tapes for their girls, friends would make mix tapes that represented their current state of mind, and sometimes we’d make our own mix tapes to set the mood for life’s chores (driving, homework, biking, etc). As I thought back on some of my favorite songs from those teen years, I started wondering what would be on my current mix tape. What songs represent who I am and where I am in life?

The difference between mix tapes and playlists

It’s easy to assume that playlists have taken the place of mix tapes, and in many ways that’s true. We don’t use tape players anymore, but I’d argue that mix tapes are a lot more meaningful than playlists because the latter is simply too easy to make, edit, and remake. A quick trip to iTunes and you can completely change your mood-setting music with a few clicks of the mouse. Going jogging? Add “Eye of the Tiger.” Time for a pity party? Add “Loser.” You couldn’t just replace a song on a mix tape if you got tired of it; you had to redo the whole thing. Mix tapes took a lot of planning and prep work.

The songs that define me

I’m a country girl at heart. My mix tape would primarily be some classics with a kick of contemporary. My top five would be:

1) Let It Go by Zac Brown Band

2) Heart Like Mine by Miranda Lambert

3) Heads Carolina, Tails California by Jo Dee Messina

4) Is There Life Out There by Reba Mcentire

5) Everything by Watermark

There are lots of others that I could toss in according to my mood, but I think these five do a good job of defining the heart of who I am.

What would your life’s mix tape include?

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