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Romance News: A love story 35 years in the making

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I’m a news junkie. But in a world overpopulated by negativity, the news can often leave me heartbroken. When I find a great story of a real-life romance, I like to stop and smell the roses so to speak. The New York Times had just such a story this week.

Gay Cioffi and Mark Obenhaus had a bit of a summer fling in 1978. Cioffi was spending the summer as an artist’s assistant in New York. She was 27 and had recently separated from her first husband.

Obenhaus, then 32, was a documentary filmmaker who had recently separated from his first wife. He liked Cioffi and went out of his way to casually run into her until he finally caught her attention.

They spent all of her non-working hours together over the next three weeks until the summer ended. Over the next 32 years, they would each be married again, but each also save pictures and mementoes of that 3-week romance. As fate would have it, they found each other on Facebook while both were single for a third time. They rekindle the flame and they exchanged vows this month.

Sometimes real life love stories are better than fiction.

Check out the full story on New York Times.

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