The more I make writing part of my daily priority list, the more I find my characters talking to me. Whether it is nonfiction and I start remembering something my kids did that was worth writing a quick story about, or if it is fiction and the characters start building their own journey’s and life experiences in my head, the subjects of my stories are very much alive in my own imagination.

At first it was bothersome. I would have dreams at night about some of the characters that I had birthed while typing. I would think about what it must have been like to be in the particular family that I surrounded them with. I dreamed about the little things that might have happened in their lives that molded them into the people that they ultimately became.

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Most of my writing currently is for my Whine and Wine novel. It is the story about three ladies from very different background that have found their likeness in motherhood. I feel like I have grown to know and understand these women in a deeper way than I know most of my flesh-and-blood friends. As a wife and mother, I have even grown to empathize with one of the women who is constantly seeking the companionship of married men.

Today I also typed up a little nonfiction piece about my middle son who taste tests everything in order to decipher whether it is consumable or not. His mouth is like his makeshift science lab. The memory of the story brought a smile to face like it was happening all over again.

I love my family. I love my characters. I love the idea of sewing words into a tapestry of a story. I feel honored and blessed to be given the ability to write and share my life and my thoughts with others in a way that is entertaining and (usually) humorous. I believe that by reading and writing, we unify ourselves as we come to understand that we are really not alone in this weird life that we lead. Whether in the room with someone else or not, as long as we have books, stories, and an imagination, we can always find someone who shares our life experience.

Reading and writing is an escape for me. A good chick-lit book always lightens my mood. Biographies inspire me. Mysteries keep my brain working. Knowing that all those characters were created from the life experiences of an author draws me into the story at a deeper level.

What does reading do for you?