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Today is the last day before the kids head back to school. It is jam packed with household chores and last-minute fun for us.  It is also the last day of my pause button experiment.

It has been a good break. I took an entire month off from writing my book so I could really focus on the Christmas season. I spent lots of quality time with my kids, with my husband, with friends, and with myself. I must admit, the pause button proved itself very effective.

The break taught me:

1. I have some pretty dang good kids. No, they are not perfect, but they are as well-behaved as I could ever hope. They are willing to help when asked, they are willing to try new things, and they are fun to be around.

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Hitting the pause button

December 6, 2011
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Life has gotten busy lately. Between homework, school programs, seasonal activities, my husband’s work, family obligations, and my writing… I have been just a touch overwhelmed. Rather than griping and moaning about how another Christmas passed me by, I decided to seize the opportunity and make a change. I hit the pause button. I have […]

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