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Have you ever had one of those moments where your heart leaps and you know that the conversation you are currently having is in some way shaping your future? I had that moment yesterday at the IDA conference.

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A promise for New Orleans

November 5, 2013

As I write, I am sitting at the DFW terminal awaiting my flight to the International Dyslexia Association National Conference in New Orleans. I’m filled with a strange combination of nerves and excitement. For the calming of my nerves I reflect on a Bible passage that I felt spoken to my heart over a month […]

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Dyslexia Awareness Month in review

October 29, 2013

What a month! Have you ever had one of those things that you do because you feel like you are supposed to even though it’s a stretch? That’s what this month has been all about for me, but the rewards have been remarkable. Tweet

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What’s your point?

February 27, 2012
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I have been dwelling on a deep thought for about a week: Why am I here? Am I here to write words that I only hope eventually land in the New York Times bestseller list? Am I here to wipe noses and butts? Am I here to be my husband’s helper? Am I here to […]

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Dyslexic ah-ha: My daughter gets it!

November 29, 2011
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The questions started in Kindergarten. She could not hold a pencil or scissors correctly. Her letters were backwards, flipped, and inverted. She would verbalize 32 and write 53. She knew her alphabet, but she could not connect letters with sounds and words. It was frustrating for both her and me because she was a very, […]

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