My three year old and I were at Target this morning getting supplies for the weekend’s camping trip. He is a very typical preschooler in that he loves to talk… to anyone… whether they will listen or not. He must have told 50 total strangers, “I’m going camping tonight. Are you?”

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My son has a smile that covers his whole body. He just glows like Rudolph’s nose when he is happy. And today, he was.

As I grabbed some hamburger buns, he starts singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” This is a favorite of his no matter the season. Then I hear, “Mom, LOOOOOOOOK, it is Santa Claus!”

I look up and see  Little Debbie’s box adorned with the jolly fat guy and I say, “it sure is, Sweetie.”

Then he says, “No! There!” And I follow his gaze down the aisle and see him pointing at a Middle Eastern man with a long beard wearing full red garb.

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