I have written nonfiction most of my life. My journalism background landed me in roles within reporting, and then as a freelancer I got into things like personal essays, blogs, feature articles, and reviews. I am just now sinking my teeth into fiction writing and, I must admit, it is a bit of a power trip.

A fiction author is basically playing God. We create our own little world, and then we birth people into that world. We toss problems and chaos into their lives, and then we provide them with a solution (or lack of a solution if we are feeling a little devilish). The fate of all of our little people rest in our hands.

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That’s some serious power.

My current novel focuses on the lives of three moms. One is married to a great guy, one is single but is most often attracted to married men, and one is married to a pastor with lots and lots of skeletons in the closet. The women are very different from each other but they all enjoy each other’s company and have what they call a Whine and Wine group where they get together to let the kids play while they whine about their lives over a bottle (or two).

I find myself drawn to the characters. I see little bits of myself in each one. It is such a raw story that it feels like I am in the midst of the ladies every time I sit down to write.

I love the power in words. I love breathing life ontothe pages. And I love the idea of other women reading the w

ords and finding themselves in the characters as well. The story brings a sense of not being alone in your struggles because these women are dealing with those intimate things that no one likes talking about, but that all mothers face.

Words give me a feeling of power. Setting, plot, characters… I love forming the dough of words into magnificent sentences, paragraphs, and chapters that a reader finds themselves drawn to. But tell me… what gives YOU the feeling of power? Comment below. I love hearing from my readers.