I am a spanker. Spanking is not my first line of discipline, but I have no problem putting my hand across my child’s bottom as a consequence for disobedience.

Each of my kid’s learn in a different way. My daughter is best disciplined through timeout. Time to herself both allows her to calm down and it gives her time to think about what she did. That temporary separation works wonders.

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My middle child “gets it” best when he is grounded from his video games. Every time he wants to turn them on, I ask him if he remembers why he is grounded from them.

But my youngest, well, his ears are currently connected straight to his bottom. He will actually laugh in my face when I correct him because he can’t tell when I am playing and when I am serious… until my hand hits the bottom. Even when I warn him that it is coming, his ears seem to require that sting on his behind. After a swat or two, the tears start flowing, and the apologies begin. Then there is a timeout and an explanation with hugs and kisses.

But I must admit, after that last child abuse video came out on YouTube, I was taken aback. I watched it. I sat through the entire thing thinking that, what I really wanted to gain was the ability to say that this was not abuse, this was discipline. But what I gained was something entirely different.

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