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I have been dwelling on a deep thought for about a week: Why am I here?

Am I here to write words that I only hope eventually land in the New York Times bestseller list? Am I here to wipe noses and butts? Am I here to be my husband’s helper? Am I here to mentor? Am I here to make an impact in the dyslexic community? Am I here as a prayer warrior? I know my passions, but what’s my point of existence?

In pondering these various thoughts it hit me what my real meaning is:
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Home for the holidays

November 22, 2011
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I had Thanksgiving break all planned out this year. Puzzles, crafts, baking supplies, movies, library books, new coloring books, and workbooks. I was totally and completely ready for 9 days with my kiddos. Yesterday, unfortunately, the double knockout punch of an IBS flareup and a sinus infection put me in bed for the day. Any […]

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