I had Thanksgiving break all planned out this year. Puzzles, crafts, baking supplies, movies, library books, new coloring books, and workbooks. I was totally and completely ready for 9 days with my kiddos.

Yesterday, unfortunately, the double knockout punch of an IBS flareup and a sinus infection put me in bed for the day. Any movement hurt. And I was home alone with three kids.

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Though I allowed myself the sick day yesterday, I decided that one day was plenty and it was time to get a move on.

Today, I am filling my day with laundry, books, puzzles, vacuuming, sunshine through open blinds, and Christmas music through speakers as loud as my headache can stand it. The way I see it, Thanksgiving is coming whether my head is up for it or not, might as well get over it, move on, and make as much out of this time with family as I can. Times like these are why the good Lord gave us Kleenex, Sudafed, Tylenol, cough drops, and nasal spray.

As I type, I am listening to the sounds of laughter from the kids “ice skating” with their socks on our wood floor downstairs. I promised them a 300-piece puzzle when the timer sounds in 15 minutes. My Scentsy candle has the smell of sugar cookies in the air, and I believe we will be able to compete with that when we bake a fresh batch this evening.

Just as dealing with the drama of extended family is simply a matter of mind of matter this holiday season, it is my personal belief that dealing with most of today’s illnesses is too. Stay positive, pop pills as required, get plenty of sunshine, drink lots of fluids, rest as much as possible, and turn on some Zac Brown Band and life is sure to look better soon.


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